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31 Jul , 2015   Written By: The Team

Hello and welcome to! We hope you’re having(or have had) a great time at NAYC 2015! We just want to take a minute to introduce ourselves and show you some of the great things we have to offer here! We here at are all about making worship and outreach in all its forms more accessible. Whether that means making great set lists available, pointing to great deals on lead sheets, giving you tech resources to make visuals really pop, or even just sitting down to interview some of the best musicians and leaders in Pentecost.

First thing’s first! We will be updating the Youth Congress set list as it’s made available to us! We have the initial list of songs that GYD released but they’re keeping the rest of the set list on lock-down this year. You can guarantee that we will be one of the first places to know! We will updating this list regularly throughout the week so keep an eye on it, and if we miss something be sure and comment, tweet @Worship_Source, or post on our Facebook to let us know!

Second now that you’re here why not take some time to check out some of the other articles we have available to help you grow in your ministry? Below are two of our favorites! The first one is a short clip of a much longer interview with our friend Gideon Assefa (you may recognize him from one of the NAYC bands). Gideon talks about the importance of heart, community, and excellence when working in the church.

The other is a fantastic article from Andy Ferguson (whom you may also recognize from one of the NAYC bands) about “Creating a Worship Culture”. It’s an excellent article and definitely worth a read especially if you want to integrate some of the songs you’ve heard at NAYC 15 into your own worship sets at your home church.

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