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31 Dec , 2014   Written By: Chris

I know we usually save the weekly tech bits for Thursday but I really wanted to get this out before the end of the year. Since we’re still in a giving mood here at I decided to step back through all my older assets and see if there was anything that I’d like to release. And as I was searching through the endless sea that is my hard drive I found some stuff for some revivals and rallies that I had worked on that people had liked quite well. So that’s what I’ve got here today; three different theme sets which include: postcards, Instagram promo material, event slides, and even a poster. I am also proud to say that these resources are all released under the Creative Commons license which means that you are allowed to modify and redistribute as you see fit, all that I would ask in return is that you spread the word about


This theme is the very definition of minimalism. Most of the design was handled by a good friend of mine Jon Bradley (Check out his website here) who is without a doubt the best photographer I have the pleasure of knowing. This effect was created using light writing which is taking a very long exposure of a light source moving around to shape the letters (More info about the technique). This one relies heavily on type to set the tone and show a clear theme. If the colors don’t match what you’re doing you can add a hue layer and colorize to change them to whatever you need or want.


This is more of a grungy theme that will probably go better for youth events but a few modifications can be made that will clean it up and it could be used just about anywhere. Once again this is very wordy and heavily relies on typeface to set the tone. While this one may be harder to adjust for your own personal use I felt that I should include it in order to show some different options for card and style configuration.

Acts 2:17

And finally this is the theme from Gate City UPC’s 2014 youth revival. It’s a little bit busy but the message shines through. This package includes all the Photoshop files for postcards, Instagram and posters. Once again all these images can be adjusted with a simple hue change in case you need to change color to match a theme.

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