Unmeasurable Success

2 Jun , 2016  

In an article that was previously posted on Worship Source, we discussed measuring success in your music department and the individuals in that music department. The true is, sometimes it is hard to measure success in the church. We may see a music department that isn’t large in numerical size, or doesn’t the greatest talent/ability, […]

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NAYC15 Worship Set List

29 Jul , 2015  

As of right now the UPCI GYD has only given us a music playlist and we’re not really sure if this is a comprehensive set list for NAYC 2015. We’re working overtime here at to get you the very latest on all this. Below you will find videos and links to resources for the […]

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Tech Wednesday – Graphics Resources

31 Dec , 2014  

I know we usually save the weekly tech bits for Thursday but I really wanted to get this out before the end of the year. Since we’re still in a giving mood here at I decided to step back through all my older assets and see if there was anything that I’d like to […]

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Church Tech Thursday – September 4th

4 Sep , 2014  

Hey everyone, it’s your friendly neighborhood geek here and we’re here to talk tech and design for a little bit. This is a new section to the site that we’re going to try and see how it goes over. There’s no subject set in advance for these posts, so it’s just however I feel that particular week. So without any further adu lets jump in.

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