Building a Better Title Slide Part 2

12 Nov , 2014  

Hello everyone with the good feedback I got from the last “Building a Better Title Slide” post so I figured that I would continue with this theme and show how to create even better slides with some basic design knowledge.


Worship Wednesday – November 5th

5 Nov , 2014  

Have you ever been so involved with something, and so deep in the processes, that you actually forget why you are doing it? I think this is some of the leaders in our world today. When God called us to ministry, he called us to be servants. No only a servant to him and his purpose, but also a servant to those we lead. When you think about the title of “Leader”, we often forget about what should be in front of that. You are first and foremost a servant. There are reasons you’re a leader, but always remember to serve in the process. You may possess a certain set of skills or abilities that make you a better leader, but everyone is a servant. No matter the skill set, everyone can serve.


November Worship Songs

3 Nov , 2014  

This month we are featuring two new songs that will be sure to be a blessing to you church. “Covered”- Israel and New Breed This first song is the newest single by Israel and New Breed since their outstanding album “Jesus at the Center”. This song is a precursor to their “Live in Asia” album […]


Building a Better Title Slide

31 Oct , 2014  

Today I want to give you some quick tips to help you build a better title slide. Since we media guys only have about 10-45 minutes(depending on wether you get the title before or after the preacher gets up). Our job can be extremely stressful and fast paced that’s why I have built a basic set of rules for myself that I follow that help me do the job faster and make the end result better. Today I’m going to share a few of these rules with you in the hopes that they’ll help you become better at your job.


Worship Source Wednesday: 10 Worship Songs You Should Be Doing In Your Church

29 Oct , 2014  

10 Worship Songs You Should Be Doing In Your Church Happy Wednesday from the Worship Source Team! There are so many worship songs out there and sometimes it is hard to keep up with them all. We have listed ten songs that we think are great songs to have in your repertoire right now. While […]

Artist of the Month,Music

Dorcas Hammond-Women in Worship: Finding Balance

27 Oct , 2014  

So much to do and so little time to do it all!  That is the cry of many female leaders today!  No matter the size of your congregation, choir or praise team, the workload can be overwhelming at times.  The art of balancing our homes, families, church, work and community involvement is no easy task.  I […]



23 Oct , 2014  

Hey there everyone, I know usually we talk about the latest equipment and design on Thursdays but I’d like to take a moment this Thursday to talk about something we often overlook in our tech departments: Leadership. I have had the distinct pleasure of sitting under some great leaders. Some of which have taught me […]


Whose Song Is It Anyway?

22 Oct , 2014  

Have you found yourself preparing your worship set and you have all your songs picked out, and then you realize….that the soloist to one of the songs you picked out won’t be there that night and you feel obligated to wait and do the song on a service that the soloist will be there to […]


Creating Relevant Worship

20 Oct , 2014  

Today we find ourselves looking at the calendar realizing it’s Monday. For those that are involved in ministry, this means that you are completely worn out from the past few days prepping for Sunday services. Although it is an absolute honor to serve our local churches, the human body, no matter how resilient, gets tired […]

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Church Tech Thursday – October 16

16 Oct , 2014  

Hey there welcome to another Church Tech Thursday! Today I wanted to talk a little bitt about stage design and show some really creative designs and a new way to use projectors as part of your stage

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