October Media Roundup

15 Oct , 2015   Written By: Chris

Hello everyone, we have some fantastic resources available for you today. First off is a great set of templates to really make some of your text based designs pop. These templates can be used in Photoshop and are designed to be easily reused. These text effects with the right background can make any postcard, title slide, or social media campaign really stand out!

Second it’s getting that time of year where we all need to update our list of site where we get beautiful images cheaply. Here at WorshipSource we’ve been working overtime to supply you with a huge list of Creative Commons 0 image suppliers (In short you can do anything with these images without worrying about copyright more on CC0 here) and regular free image suppliers.

Finally, I know we focus a lot on text based designs so it goes without saying that you will need great fonts. We have a list of sites that supply free fonts. Be sure to check them out!

Over the coming weeks we will be featuring images and fonts from several of these sites in new ways that will hopefully inspire new designs and ideas.

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