Artist of the Month

Kevin Howard – Building A Christmas Themed Worship Set

22 Sep , 2014  

The Christmas holiday season is just a great time of year in so many ways. For worship leaders, I think it is an incredible opportunity to express, in unique and beautiful ways, our worship to God. I do realize there is a side to Christmas music that can be somewhat intimidating musically. However, I think if we look at the great elements this time of year affords us, we can really enjoy the blessing of it while also blessing so many people who are searching for the Christ of Christmas, who have a desire to worship.

Artist of the Month

3 Tips for Eliminating Vocal Chaos and Creating a Clear Sound

25 Aug , 2014  

I am a music pastor who spends a lot of service time on the platform, with my brain and spirit in overdrive, managing musical and spiritual moments. I love the rare occasions where I get to sit in my seat and soak in the experience of a dynamic combination of voices! It doesn’t matter if it’s a choir or a team of nine or just a trio. When it’s right, it’s an experience like none other! For me, the sum impact of a group of incredible singers will always exceed the impact of a world-class soloist.

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