August Media Resources

25 Aug , 2014   Written By: Chris

From what I’m seeing from churches all over the country the order of the month is stripes and shapes with a kind of retro vibe. I’ve tried to capture this with this month’s media resources. First up is a simple title slide with “God of This City” on it. The fonts used are Ostrich Sans and Wolf in the City.

Second is a slide with the title of one of this month’s featured songs on it. Also using the Ostrich Sans font (there’s just something so friendly about it).

Both of these images are released under the Creative Commons 0 license which means you can do anything you want with them I have waived all rights and the owners of the background images have waived all rights. I decided to release them that way so that anyone could enjoy them use them and modify them as they wanted to keep with the free and open attitude of this site.

Any feedback about the resources provided here would be greatly appreciated. Would you like to see a more in depth discussion about how these particular slides were created? Tell me what you would like to see over the next month, whether it’s more resources, tutorials, or articles on developing your media department.


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