About Brandon Marin

Personal Bio:


My name is Brandon Marin. I was born in Louisville, KY, USA in 1991. I currently live in Atlanta, GA, USA. I’m married to my best friend, Megan, who also happens to be carrying our first child.

I became interested in music at a very young age. I grew up singing in church and sleeping under pews. I’ve always been connected to the church, sometimes closer than others. I started leading worship in our youth group when I was in high school. I remember being in school on days we had youth service and that night’s worship set being the only thing I could think about, all day long. I still lead our youth group in worship once a month. I also lead worship for Impact Bible Study, a college and career age group at our church, and serve on the worship team and in the band for our main services. I love music and realize it’s critical place not only in the church but in our everyday lives. I want my music to help shape a culture that loves Truth, values creativity, embraces diversity, and does everything in the name of the Lord Jesus.

Rise & Go Story:

Rise & Go was the response to a message given by my pastor. It was a challenge for our church, and for me personally, it was a calling. The idea comes from the story of the four leprous men in II Kings chapter 7. They were sitting at the entrance to the gate in Samaria. A city that was under siege and was lacking food. They looked at their situation and realized the only way they were going to survive was if they walked into an unknown future.

It has always been a dream of mine to write and record my own material. I have had a few opportunities in the past but the timing never felt quite right. However, in early 2014 God started aligning things in my life. I reconnected with Joseph Salamida, owner of Vanquish Studios, and expressed an interest in recording. At the time he was working day and night to get Vanquish Records off the ground. I came to a point in my life where I was like the leprous men in the story of II Kings. I knew the only way for my ministry to continue was to walk into an unknown future. And just like for the four leapers, God performed the supernatural in my life! I was signed to Vanquish Records, recorded this five song EP, and released it in the Summer of 2015. These five songs represent what I was walking through during this time of finishing up high school, figuring out college, and staring down the barrel of the rest of my life. Through it all God is faithful and He deserves every bit of glory associated with anything I do.

I hope these songs inspire you to to ask questions about things that matter, create conversations of eternal significance, and make decisions of eternal consequence.

Songs with Music Assets

Holy Ghost

This song off Brandon’s debut EP is a tune that all people of faith are sure to love. The great melody coupled with fantastic lyrics make for a song with an incredible message. This is a song that can be performed in multiple settings, but is probably best suited for an acoustic driven band. Make sure you add this song to your list for your next service!

Download Holy Ghost Leadsheet F# Capo

Download Holy Ghost Leadsheet F#

Download Holy Ghost Leadsheet Gb

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