April 2016 Worship Songs

27 Apr , 2016   Written By: admin

Spirit Break Out – William McDowell (Sound of Revival)

Spirit Break Out is a song were all aware of. One that was made famous by Kim Walker. Before this song was a modern worshipper’s dream. The song has new life on William McDowell’s recently released album. The vocal harmony on this remix is a great change from the previous version! It’s a modern worship song with a gospel twist! It’s a delight for musicians, singers, and the average church goer! Also, if your church has ventured into the realm of tracks, has this track listed on their site! You will not regret the purchase

Lead Sheet

Christ the King – The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir (Pray)

If you’re anything like me, it’s been a while since BTC has been on the top of my playlist. That all changed with this song. Once I listened I was hooked! The feel of this song lends itself to that of Every Praise. It’s a song that you can place at the beginning of a service or during offering and by the end, people will be joining with you and worshipping God!

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