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Apostolic Immersion Project – Havana, Cuba

11 Jul , 2016   Written By: Evan

When I was growing up our family had a membership with a local pool. Living in southeast North Carolina with the high humidity of the summers, this pool provided an oasis to escape the endless heat. It was a place to forget the muggy humidity and just have a good time in the water. The pool was built with an incline, just a couple feet at one end and about ten feet at the other. There was also a kiddie pool for babies off to the side, separate from everything else. Even before learning how to swim, I was intrigued by the deep end. There was just something about my feet not touching the bottom, a sense of being completely surrounded—submerged in water. All I wanted to do was get out of the shallows and experience the deep. I wanted to be totally immersed in the experience.

Our spiritual life is not much different. Many are content to splash around in the shallows, where it is relatively safe, where there is no risk, where we can touch bottom and do not have to exert too much energy. Spiritually speaking, some never get out of the kiddie pool with the babies and helpless toddlers. But if we stay in the shallow end we miss the adventure of the deep. We sell ourselves short on the full experience. I’m talking about living for God with a sense of adventure. I’m talking about faith, desire, and a willingness to go where we have never been, attempt things we’ve never done, and always feel that we must totally immerse ourselves in the experience of living for God.

This is one of the reasons we have developed the Apostolic Immersion Project (AIP). We are convinced there are many more like us, who desire to launch out into the deep, go beyond the status quo, defy mediocrity—and be totally immersed.

Immersion, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary, is the act of putting someone or something completely in a liquid … or, complete involvement in some activity or interest. To baptize (Gr. baptizō) means to immerse or submerge in water. We are all called to be immersed in water in the name of Jesus Christ (Matt 28:19; Acts 2:38), and also to be immersed—i.e. to enter into complete involvement—in the work of God. This includes missions!

After much prayer regarding our ministry goals in Cuba, we decided to form a non-profit educational program geared towards missions. This program will surely bless the missions work in Cuba, but it will be an even greater blessing and opportunity for those who participate from the North American churches. This is not an understatement: this program will effect a permanent change in the life of each student involved.

We are fully persuaded that individuals who enroll in this program will receive a greater understanding of God’s mission in the earth and their place in the Kingdom of God.

Each AIP student will complete six 5-week courses (100% apostolic and accredited!). Our courses are completed online through our partnership with Apostolic School of Theology (AST) and can be applied towards an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree (12 college credits). AST is a fully accredited university and units earned in this program can be transferred to another college or university.

After completing the online component students will participate in Immersion Week—Havana, Cuba. Immersion Week is a weeklong mission trip with seminar-style training in the field. In addition to training from experienced pastors and missionaries, students will gain real-world experience as they serve on the mission field.

While the world is busy immersing themselves in their work, their career, and their own personal success, and others are immersing themselves in sports obsessions and all sorts of fleeting, temporary interests and hobbies … GOD IS CALLING PEOPLE TO BE IMMERSED INTO HIS PRESENCE AND HIS MISSION.

The Apostolic Immersion Project is an opportunity for young adults, professional working adults, and retirees to be immersed in the Word of God and the Work of God. It will make an eternal difference in each of our lives and the countless others who will be affected by our ministries.

Please visit our website—apostolicimmersion.org—to learn more and apply.


Missionary Nathaniel Houseman



Be immersed now—space is limited!

Classes begin: September 26th
Last day of registration: September 19th

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